• Nigel K. Wilson

    Nigel K. Wilson

    Managing Partner

    Nigel Wilson has a background as an auditor and subsequently international partner responsible for Arthur Andersen’s Nordic financial consultancy practice, as well as top management positions at the Oslo Stock Exchange, Elkem Group, Odin Forvaltning, ProCorp ASA, Foinco Family Office and Altaria Private Equity.
    He has over 30 years of experience from M&A and strategy work in Norway and internationally, both as principal and adviser. He has also had several roles as project manager in major corporate restructuring and turnaround processes for large private and publicly listed companies. Since 2005, he has increasingly been involved in advising family businesses regarding strategy, business development and generational issues. Since 2013, Nigel has been Managing Partner in KWC, where he primarily works with ownership strategies, restructuring and transaction-related services.

    – Family Business program, IMD, 2012
    – Chartered Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, UK, 1983
    – B.Com, Economics, Law & Accounting, University of Liverpool, UK, 1979

  • Petter Røed

    Petter Røed


    Petter Røed has 10 years of audit experience from Kjelstrup and Wiggen AS. Since 2000, he has worked exclusively with financial and commercial consultancy services. Petter started KWC together with Trond Bjerge in 2007, where he has primarily been involved in transaction-related services (financial due diligence, valuation, restructuring, etc.), financial investigations and financial modelling. Petter also has extensive experience as an expert witness in legal proceedings related to economic and financial matters, such as compulsory share redemption and other disputes relating to valuation issues and calculation of damages.

    – State Authorized Public Accountant, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 1995
    – Audit studies, Norwegian Business School BI, 1991

  • Trond Bjerge

    Trond Bjerge


    Trond Bjerge started as an auditor in Kjelstrup & Wiggen AS in 1992. He worked as a controller in Sektor Eiendomsutvikling AS from 1999 to 2000. In the period 2000 to 2005, he worked with business valuation and transaction execution in the corporate finance firm ProCorp ASA. Trond started KWC together with Petter Røed in 2007. In recent years, he has worked primarily with valuation, due diligence, transaction support, financial investigations, IFRS assistance and PPA analyses.

    – State Authorized Public Accountant, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 1996
    – Audit studies, Norwegian Business School BI, 1991

  • Geir Udnæs

    Geir Udnæs


    Geir Udnæs has a background from senior positions in private investment companies such as Kistefos AS and Midelfart Holding AS, where he also served as CEO from 2008 – 2011. He has over 25 years of experience from management positions in the private sector and as a consultant and auditor for both private and public firms. Geir has considerable practical experience in areas such as valuation, investment analysis, international financing and financial planning, M&A processes, financial restructuring and ownership strategy. Geir has been with KWC since 2011, where he primarily works with transaction-related services, valuation, due diligence, financing, reorganization, ownership strategy and advice on the purchase and sale of businesses.

    – State Authorized Public Accountant, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 1991
    – 1st Section Law studies, University of Oslo, 1990
    – «Siviløkonom», Norwegian Business School BI, 1987
    – Examen Philosophicum, University of Oslo, 1985

  • Simen B. Weiby

    Simen B. Weiby


    Simen Weiby has broad transaction-related experience and joined KWC in 2017, prior to which he was the head of the LBO department within International Corporates at DNB Bank ASA. Previously, he has worked as an auditor and transaction services advisor in EY, has held the position as associate director in Telenor’s Group M&A department, and has been a non-equity partner with the law firm Selmer’s Financial Analysis and Transaction Support department.

    – Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA), Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 2012
    – State Authorized Public Accountant / MBA, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 2004
    – «Siviløkonom», Finance & Financial Economics, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 2003

  • Magnus Bugge

    Magnus Bugge


    Magnus Bugge joined KWC in 2018 from the law firm Selmer, where he was the head of the financial analysis and transaction support group. Magnus has experience from transaction-related services (financial due diligence, valuations, etc.), financial restructuring, insolvency, and financial modeling. He has worked 8 years in Advokatfirmaet Selmer with a wide range of issues at the intersection of finance, accounting and law.

    – Authorized Financial Analyst (AFA), NHH, 2016
    – Master of Economics and Administration (Economics), NHH, 2010

  • Christian K. Dahl

    Christian K. Dahl

    Senior Manager

    Christian Koksvik Dahl has 7 years experience from PwC in transaction-related services specializing within financial due diligence.
    He has experience from M&A processes as internal auditor in Orkla ASA, and as Business Controller in the private equity owned Scandza group (Synnøve Finden, Sørlandschips, Finsbråten, etc.). Christian has considerable practical experience as a project manager in a wide range of companies in the financial services industry, in connection with M&A, due diligence, restructuring and financial modelling.
    Christian has been with KWC since 2016, where he primarily works with transaction-related services (financial due diligence, valuation, etc.)

    – MSc. Professional Accountancy (State Authorized Public Accountant), Norwegian Business School BI, 2010
    – Bachelor in Business Science, NMBU, 2007

  • Kristian Fåsetbru

    Kristian Fåsetbru


    Kristian Fåsetbru has been with KWC since 2007, where he primarily works with transaction-related services such as valuation, restructuring and financial due diligence. In addition, Kristian has extensive experience with financial investigations in a variety of industries.

    – «Siviløkonom», Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 2004

  • Kim Leikvang

    Kim Leikvang


    Kim Leikvang joined KWC in 2013, but worked as a trainee in the period 2011 – 2013 in parallel with his university education. Kim works primarily with transaction-related services (financial due diligence, valuation, restructuring, etc.).

    – MSc. EBA, Finance & Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School, 2013
    – BBA, Norwegian Business School BI, 2011

  • Anna Paula Fijalkowska

    Anna Paula Fijalkowska

    Senior Consultant

    Anna Paula has previously worked 2 years as an auditor in EY as well with project management practices and evaluating risk cultures as a consultant. She joined KWC in 2018, where she primarily works with transaction-related services (valuation, ownership strategy, etc.) and family business advisory services.

    – MSc. Strategy & Management, NHH, 2015
    – Global Economic and Business, American University (AU), Washington DC, 2014 (6 month), part of MSc.
    – BSc. Economics & Administration, NHH, 2013
    – School of Economics, The University of Sydney (USYD), 2012 (6 months), part of BSc.

  • Håkon Ingebregtsen

    Håkon Ingebregtsen


    Prior to joining KWC, Håkon was part of United Technologies Corporation’s (UTC) two year graduate program in Brussels and Paris, focusing on business development and financial analysis respectively. During his studies he also had internships in banking, management consulting and business startups in various countries. Håkon joined KWC in 2018, where he primarily works with transaction-related services (valuation, ownership strategy, etc.).

    – MSc Corporate Finance, Kozminski University (Poland), 2016
    – BSc. Business & Economics, BI, 2013. (Exchange semester – University of Illinois)

  • Fabian K. Vatne

    Fabian K. Vatne


    Fabian joined KWC in 2018, where he primarily works with transaction-related services (valuation, ownership strategy, etc.).

    – MSc Investment Banking, Queen Mary University of London, 2018
    – BSc Business Studies, Lancaster University, 2017

  • Lene Berger

    Lene Berger

    Office Manager

    Lene joined KWC in 2019. She has several years’ experience in office administrative work and have for the past 9 years worked at Optimum ASA as Office Manager. Lene has also previously worked in the fitness industry as an instructor and as a coach.

    – BSc. Fysisk Aktivitet og Helse, The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, 2005