Restructuring and insolvency

Changes in market conditions, operational challenges and one-off incidents may inflict financial distress on companies, or in the worst-case bankruptcy. Many company stakeholders will be affected by financial distress. Protecting the interests of owners, lenders, customers and suppliers of a company in financial distress is challenging and often the business and its stakeholders do not have the capacity or appropriate competence and experience to conduct an efficient financial restructuring.

KWC has extensive experience from assisting companies or its stakeholders in times of financial distress. Our experience also covers advice in debt negotiations and bankruptcy proceedings.

Financial restructuring

In case of financial distress, we typically assist the company or its lenders in identifying alternative solutions and evaluate the best course of action. Assisting a company during financial restructuring often include liquidity- and profitability assessments and projections, evaluation of capital requirements, disposal or liquidation of the business (or parts of it), as well as support and guidance in relation to negotiation with the company’s stakeholders.

Assistance to lenders or other stakeholders may involve review and quality assurance of documentation received from the company and their advisors, assessment of possible courses of action or the conduct of an independent business review for decision support in the restructuring process.

Financial advisory to bankruptcy estates and auditor of bankruptcy estates

A satisfactory liquidation of a business requires sound financial and commercial understanding and experience in order to identify and realize assets, as well as the underlying reasons for the bankruptcy. The latter is a basic premise for any subsequent legal process related to management liability etc.

KWC undertakes engagements as auditor for bankruptcy estates or advises bankruptcy estates in certain parts of the bankruptcy proceedings. Typically, we assist with identification and realization of assets, selected control procedures or analysis of the debtor’s accounts, hereunder timing of insolvency and litigation support.


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