Independent investigations

At some time or another, most businesses experience undesirable events or irregularities of a financial nature. In certain instances, the board of directors or management find it necessary to engage an independent adviser to conduct an investigation, for example where special competence or complete independence is required.

We provide specialized knowledge in investigating economic and financial matters and work closely with legal advisers in these situations. In this way, we help our clients put together a competent and effective investigative team.

Our combination of technical expertise, “hands on” experience and practical approach provides our clients with a well-documented and appropriate basis for further action. This allows clients to find the best way to re-establish trust and confidence, whether that be internally, amongst business connections or the world at large.

Independent investigations are relevant in connection with:

  • Fraud and accounting manipulation
  • Suspicion of irregularities or corruption in the company
  • Conflicts between shareholder groups
  • Accusations of breach of laws, regulations or guidelines, made by employees, the media, customers, suppliers or others



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