Expert reports and testimony in legal processes

Are you or your company involved in a conflict where there is a need to evaluate economic consequences or damages?

Do you need assistance in valuing shares in connection with a forced redemption of minority interests or conflict in connection with the value of a company, assets or obligations? We prepare expert reports for these purposes which set out and describe the facts and present our conclusions based on objective criteria. Our reports are tailored to purpose based on the legal foundation and assumptions for the specific situation in question.

Based on our strong technical foundation, broad experience related to negotiations and legal processes, we can assist clients in conflict situations from the start of the process, through reconstructing the facts from a financial viewpoint, calculating economic consequences and damages and serving as an expert witness in court or arbitration proceedings.

KWC is an independent consulting firm and the partners in KWC have broad experience as expert witnesses and assistant judges in the Norwegian courts, also in the courts of appeal.

Expert reports and testimony are relevant in connection with:

  • Conflicts
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution in order to avoid legal process
  • Determination of economic consequences and loss in estimating damages
  • Forced redemption of minority shareholdings and other redemptions
  • Estimation of damages



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